Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dextrose Anhydrous

Dextrose Anhydrous 10g


Each 100ml solution contains Dextrose Anhydrous 10g as Dextrose Monohydrate USP and Sodium Chloride BP 0.225g


Dextrose Anhydrous 10g Injection is a sterile and non-pyrogenic solution, which restores blood glucose levels and provides calories. It may aid in minimizing liver glycogen depletion and exerts a protein sparing action.

Sodium chloride in water dissociates into sodium and chloride ions. Sodium is the principal caption of the extracellular fluid and plays important role in fluid therapy and electrolyte disturbances. Chloride has an integral role in buffering action when oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange occurs in the red blood cells.


Dextrose Anhydrous 10g Injection is indicated for parenteral replenishment of
Fluid, Carbohydrate Calories and Sodium Chloride of the patient.

Dosage and Administration :

Dextrose Anhydrous 10g Injection should be given at the rate of 30 to 60 drops/minute intravenously depending on age, body weight and condition of the patients or as directed by the physician

Side-effect :

Thrombosis of the chosen vein is always a possibility with intravenous infusion, if infusion is protracted, then another vein should be selected after 12-24 hours.

Precaution :

To avoid unwanted health hazard, check the bottle against light before administration. Use sterile and non-pyrogenic Infusion Set. Not be used if any turbidity observed in the solution or found any particle (s) in the bottle. Discard any unused portion.


Dextrose Anhydrous 10g Injection is available in 500 ml & 1000ml polyethylene bottle

Storage :

Store in a cool & dry place, protect from light. Keep out of the reach of children

Composition: Each ml of Solution contains Tropicamide BP 8mg &
Phenylephrine Hydrochloride BP 50 mg.
Description: Tropicamide Plus are the combination of Tropicamide &
Phenylephrine. Tropicamide is an anti-cholinergic drug having mydriatic
and some cycloplegic action and Phenylephrine is a α1 adrenergic
receptor agonist used primarily as an agent to dilate the pupil.
Tropicamide Plus has a rapid onset of action and a short duration of
effect. Tropicamide plus eye drops are excellent to dilate the pupil for
examination of the fundus of the eye. It is also used before and after
surgical procedure of the eye.
Indications: Tropicamide Plus eye drops are indicated for –•
Examination of fundus • Retinal Photography • Cycloplegic Refraction.
• Prior to Ocular Surgery. • As an adjunct in the treatment of anterior
Dosage and Administration: Instill 1-2 drops into the eye 15-30
minutes prior to procedure or as directed by the physician.
Side effects: On topical application there may be transient burning or
stinging sensation and lacrimation. Blurred Vision, photophobia and
allergic reactions may occur.
Precaution: After applying this medicine to the eyes, pupils will become
unusually large. It causes eyes to become more sensitive to light. So,
wear sunglasses to go out during the day time, even on cloudy days.
Contra-indications: Tropicamide Plus Eye Drops are contra-indicated
in patients with known hypersensitivity to any of its component
Presentation: Tropicamide Plus Eye Drops are supplied in 5 ml
Polyethylene bottle.
Storage: Keep in a dry & cool place, protect from light. Keep out of
the reach of the children


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